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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photo Memories #2: More From Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary, Collectors Edition DVDs, Upcoming Release Information.

Hi everyone!

Welcome back for more photos from Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary !

Featured here is some great concept art from Joe Rohde's presentation detailing the changes that were made in the original Animal Kingdom entrance plaza. Note the procession of animals in the left photo below. That concept was deemed unworthy due to the realization that animal backsides would often be included in guest photos.

Finally the shots below show early concepts for the Tree of Life and the huge amount of scaffolding used during construction.

This was a highly interesting presentation and I personally learned a great deal about the history, design and attention to detail of this great park!

Available Now:

Available now from the JeffLangeDVD Store in a very limited supply: Collectors Edition DVDs featuring Fantasyland Classics.

These DVDs Include an Actual Ride Piece and a 4x6 Color Photo suitable for framing. The Mr. Toad Edition includes a Bumper piece from actual "Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride" vehicles - The 20,000 Leagues Edition includes Seaweed from the " 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" lagoon.

Fantasyland Classics includes the following attractions:

A photo tour of "Fantasyland", "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (including full coverage of the exteriors and queue plus a complete ride thru), the original "Snow White’s Scary Adventure" , "Peter Pan’s Flight " and the " Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed"..."It’s a Small World ".

Please click HERE for more information on these items.

Upcoming Release News:

Please check back soon for more information on my upcoming releases including my all new Photo CD Collection as well as DVD's on the following topics: Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary, Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival, Walt Disney World Railroads, Tomorrowland Classics and more!

As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

April Trip Recap: Disney's Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary, Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival, Aquatica, Cypress Gardens and More.

Hi everyone!

I'm just back from another fantastic trip to Orlando! The weather was perfect, and I kept busy with a wide variety of parks and activities. I'm very excited about upcoming DVD releases that will stem from my visit!

The main purpose of my trip was the " Wild Decade" event for the 10th anniversary of Disney's Animal Kingdom. It did not disappoint! Just as I witnessed on the opening day, Joe Rohde and Jane Goodall were a large part of the opening activities.

Both Joe and Jane spoke eloquently about the park, and Joe also gave a wonderful presentation later in the Theater of the Wild. I was later treated to a VIP viewing of the Lion King show, complete with a meet with many of the performers. What a great day!

Thanks again to everyone at WDWCelebrations, It was a pleasure to meet all of you and I look forward to the "World Wide Weekend" in September!

I also enjoyed 2 and a half full days of Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival, taping for an upcoming DVD release. I am very excited about this project as I have not done anything like it before and it was challanging but fun to work on! (If you want to see even more great photos on these topics please visit friends of this site MouseSteps.com).

Not only did I spend time at Disney - Aquatica and Cypress Gardens helped fill out my schedule. Aquatica is a great addition to the Sea World parks, and Cypress Gardens is a wonderful slice of old Florida (don't miss the ski show!) The trip to Disney's Wilderness Preserve didn't go as planned - they were having a controlled burn that day, and the Preserve was closed.

Please check back soon for more information on my upcoming releases. As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Travel Update: Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary, Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival, Sea World's Aquatica and Cypress Gardens.

Welcome back!

In just under 24 hours, I'll be flying back to Florida for a fun-filled but busy schedule! This visit centers around the Animal Kingdom 10th Anniversary on April 22nd - also known as the Wild Decade. For more information on this special event, go to WDWCelebrations.

I've watched Disney's Animal Kingdom evolve from pre-opening visits to the wonderful experience it is today. I am looking forward to stepping into the park on April 22nd, just as I did on the same day 10 years ago. Much has changed since then! The photos below are from opening day including the Tree of Life in the early morning and my friend Angela with Imagineer and Animal Kingdom lead designer Joe Rohde.

The opening day dedication reads: Welcome to a kingdom of animals... real, ancient and imagined: a kingdom ruled by lions, dinosaurs and dragons; a kingdom of balance, harmony and survival; a kingdom we enter to share in the wonder, gaze at the beauty, thrill at the drama, and learn. - Michael Eisner April 22, 1998

The shots below are from the long retired "Discovery River Boats" and the original opening stage show, "Journey Into The Jungle Book".

The other major reason for the trip is to record the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival for a future DVD release. Look for more information on that soon! (Photo below courtesy of Denise form MouseSteps).

Rounding out the remainder of my time, I have invitations to visit Aquatica and Cypress Gardens with Jim Hill. I'll also be spending a morning at the Disney Wilderness Preserve, which is a 12,000 acre preserve located about a half hour from Walt Disney World. Much of this is new to me, except for Cypress Gardens (though it's been 25 or so years since my last visit!)

I am looking forward to updating everyone when I get back. This should be a fun and exciting (and extremely busy) trip for me!

While I am traveling you will still receive the same level of quality service and guaranteed 24 hr shipping you have come to expect from JeffLangeDVD. Please remember, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

All New Release - Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics - Vol 4 DVD.

Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics - Vol 4 DVD

9 April 2008

Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics - Vol 4 Released Today.

To purchase this new JeffLangeDVD title, click This LINK.

Windsor, Conn. (April 9th, 2008) -Today, JeffLangeDVD have released their latest title, Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics - Vol 4.

Jeff Lange takes you on a trip back in time to experience classic Disneyland attractions. This fourth volume in the series features the following:

Disneyland Tour (1986)

Step back in time for a brief tour of Disneyland circa 1986. Your journey begins outside the turnstiles as the Mark III bubble top Monorail Red glides by. Scenes include: Main Street USA, Fantasyland, the Submarine Voyage, It’s a Small World clock displays and the Tomorowland mural by Disney Legend Mary Blair.

Totally Minnie Parade (1986)

Join Minnie Mouse as she makes her new music video. This vintage Disneyland parade also features Mickey as the producer, Donald as director, Goofy as the dance coach and Chip and Dale as the music directors.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room (1992)

Sit back and enjoy this original uncut version of The Enchanted Tiki Room featuring Walt Disney’s first Audio-Animatronic performers. The show includes a cast of 225 singing birds, chanting totem poles, drumming tiki gods and your emcees, Jose, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz.

It’s a Small World (1993)

Experience this original E-Ticket Attraction that was relocated from the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. This all-time favorite attraction has been described as "The Happiest Cruise that ever Sailed Round the World". Walt Disney personally asked Mary Blair to employ her unique childlike art style in the design and concept of this classic ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean (1993)

Immerse yourself in the last attraction that was personally overseen by Walt Disney. This is the original version of the beloved attraction, recorded before changes were made to the pirate chase scene and the addition of figures from Epcot’s World of Motion. Your adventure starts at the Pirates of the Caribbean exterior, continues through the queue and load areas, and includes all of your favorite ride scenes as originally presented!

Relive these Disneyland Classics year after year or experience the magic for the first time by purchasing a copy of " Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland Classics Vol 4".

Running Time: 64 Min

For more details on purchasing this title, click HERE.

For more information on this or other titles please contact jeff@jefflangedvd.com or visit JeffLangeDVD.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Upcoming Disney Fan Events - Production Update.

Welcome back for another update! I have been working hard on a yet-to-be announced release that I'm very excited about - keep checking back for more details. In the meantime, here is some information on upcoming Disney events that I plan to take part in!

Upcoming Disney Fan Events:

The first event is from WDWCelebrations (the folks who put together the big Epcot 25th Anniversary fan event). I will be attending this event with my good friend Jim Hill (he also has an article about it HERE). I look forward to it as we were both in attendance on opening day and have many interesting memories about this unique Disney park. If you are thinking of attending please note that as of last week there were only 30 spots left for the event! More information is below.

A Wild Decade:

WDWCelebrations is pleased to announce its first Commemorative Event, "A Wild Decade," in honor of Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary on April 22, 2008. Building on the success of Celebration 25, "A Wild Decade" will focus on unique experiences, including group rides, photos, meals, and other special events designed to bring Disney fans together to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. For more information be sure to visit the Official WDW Celebrations homepage.

Another great event I look forward to each year is the National Fantasy Fan Club Disneyana Convention. Some preliminary information has just been released (see below).

First Look at the NFFC 2008 California Convention Event Schedule:

The 2008 California Convention is still a few months away, but the Special Events Committee (SEC) is already busy getting things ready for what promises to be an exciting few days.

Here's what we can tell you so far. The dates of the California Convention are July 15th through July 20th. However, just before the Convention begins on Sunday July 13th, we have an event that is open to all NFFC members - the "Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles" with our good friend Charles Phoenix. For a more detailed description of this event and links to pictures and a video, check out this link. You will find the registration form here and in the February issue of the Fantasyline Express. Remember, seats are limited to the first 50 people who send in their registration.

As always, our meal events promise to be a highlight of the Convention. On Tuesday evening, July 15th, we will kick things off with our Welcoming Reception. This year, the entertainment will be provided by our own members, as we bring back an event from a few years ago: " Puttin' on the Disney Hits". This is where you get to lip sync to your favorite Disney songs or pay homage to a Disney Park attraction. (Who could forget the Electrical Parade tribute and of course our own Eric Roque and his special presentation of "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln"?). Get your "act" together and plan to be a part of the show! For further information, please contact Eric Roque at hartrock@psend.com.

The Collectors Breakfast will start our day on Wednesday, July 16th. At this event we will be celebrating "85 Years of Disney Magic ". 2008 marks the 85th Anniversary of the founding of the Walt Disney Company; since we are a group of collectors and enthusiasts, we are encouraging people to bring along a special piece from their collection, share a picture, or tell a story of something special you have or remember from the company founded by Walt Disney.

Thursday, July 17th marks the 53rd birthday of "The Happiest Place on Earth", Disneyland. We will take the day off from regular convention activities to enjoy the day just being a kid again and riding all of our favorite attractions.

Friday evening, July 18th, we'll hold the Celebration Banquet. Our theme for this event will be a celebration of the 80th birthday of the little guy and gal that started it all -- Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This year's entertainment will be Dick Hardwick, an alumnus of the Golden Horseshoe Revue; with Dick providing the entertainment, the Banquet promises to be an evening filled with a lot of laughs. Dust off those ears and get ready for a great event! For more information on Dick Hardwick, check out his website at http://www.dickhardwick.com/.

Our Luncheon with a Disney Legend will be held on Saturday, July 19th. Then, on Sunday, July 20th, we will wrap things up with the biggest Disneyana Show and Sale in the country.

The SEC is hard at work confirming speakers and seminar topics for the California Convention; we'll have more details for you as speakers and seminars are confirmed.

So, there you are -- a little taste of what's in store for you during the 2008 California Convention. Start making your plans now to join us in California in July!

Production Update and Poll:

As I mentioned above I am working on a new project and doing preliminary work on a few upcoming titles including: 'Disneyland Classics 4', 'WDW's Tomorrowland Classics' and 'Walt Disney World's Class of 1971'. I'm also considering doing a DVD on Epcot's Flower & Garden festival. I am curious to know if there is any interest in such a project and what you would expect to see on the disc. If anyone would like to share any thoughts please email me at Suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com. I appreciate all input and really would like to hear from you (and any ideas on what you would like to see on the Disneyland Classics 4 or WDW Tomorrowland Classics as well).

As always, if you want to request a future DVD idea, Photo Memory topic or comment on anything, just drop me a line at suggestions@JeffLangeDVD.com.

Click here to browse the JeffLangeDVD store.

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